Greetings, fellow developer

We know, we know. You’re tired of reading all the commercial info and sales lingo about different solutions. Consider this page your safe heaven. Here we only talk about tech specs, architecture and alpacas.

An API smoother than the fur of an alpaca

A typical scenario when you buy a new shiny platform, is that it all looks good in the beginning. But as soon as you want to build services around it, you hit a brick wall. This will not be the case with solutions from Quiddly.

We have a flexible and competent Rest API for you to build your own ad hoc services. We have our own query language for complex filter queries.

To use a worn-down phrase:
It’s in the cloud

We manage all the hosting for you, which means no hassle and a stress-free hosting, as well as a bunch of time and quids saved. We’re not completely serverless, but we’re not dependent on them. We cache as much as possible and use Redis instances.

Easy access and flexible hosting

Just because we manage the hosting doesn’t mean you’re locked out. You can gain full access to different parts of the hosting at will.

You also have the possibility to host our solutions yourself. We host Quiddly’s solutions in Google’s cloud. But it’s also possible to host it with solutions like the Azure or Amazon cloud.

Scalable with Kubernetes

We use Kubernetes Clusters for the whole platform, which makes it easy to scale. It makes rolling updates possible and minimizes the risk for outages and downtime.

Uptime for prod API

Infrastructure as code

We handle all infrastructure as code. We use Terraform in order to check the state of the whole platform.

And what about the security?

Security plays a vital role in all software platforms. We use Cloudflare to mitigate attacks. And we don’t store any user credentials, it’s all handled via Auth0. The whole platform is also built with privacy by default and privacy by design top of mind.

We love techy questions

We’re more than happy to help you if you have any technical questions regarding our solutions.

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