Debt Collection

Complete solution, ready for white label. Back office system included.

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Pick and sell your own platform for debt collection

This preset module from Quiddly comes with a complete solution for distributing reminders and debt collection demands, as well as automatic bookkeeping of payments. A back office system is also included, for smooth handling of both clients and debtors. Everything comes tailored after your graphical profile.

The Client Side

Give your clients one of the most streamlined and flexible debt collection solutions on the market. The system is built to support large volumes, and provide excellent debtor insights in a compliant manner.

The solution comes with several ERP integrations out of the box, as well as with a fully fledged API. Quiddlys debt collection module gives both you and your clients a professional approach to handling a sensitive topic.

Upsides for the customer:

  • Collecting more debts, faster
  • Smoother workflows and timesaving
  • Improved liquidity

Custom distribution flows

Integrates with ERPs

Automated bookkeeping

Multiple currencies

Dedicated bank accounts

Interactive debtor portal

Customized attachments

The Back Office Side

From this system, you have complete control and overview of all debt collection errands in the system. All clients, debtors and their errands are searchable.

You also have access to additional features like aggregated debtor information, details about clients, integrations and more.

Upsides for your business:

  • Smooth workflows and timesaving
  • Complete overview of both clients and debtors
  • Built with compliance top of mind

Quick and smooth implementation

Our Pick and Mix Solutions does not only make it easy to create your own solution. It also makes the time to market extremely short, depending on the complexity and level of customization of course.

With the most essential setup, you could have your very own fintech platform up and running within a few working days. Huzza! 🙂

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