Transactional Transcendence

Society has been part of an ongoing industrial revolution since the late 1700’s. According to experts we’re now part of the fourth revolution.

Quiddly’s niche and contribution to this will be what we call the transactional revolution – new and improved ways of looking at, performing, optimizing and analysing transactions, that will have a profound impact on how business is made.

Our vision is to help society achieve transactional transcendence – a state where everything is happening instantly, flawlessly without any risc, in a fair and transparent manner.

How it all started

The initial idea of Quiddly was born in the 2010’s, when part of our team was developing another fintech platform. When searching for technical partners for specific parts of the platform, they soon realised that none met their demands.

Most software companies were stuck in prehistoric standards and methods, reluctant to even consider changing the way they worked and thought about tech. It was out of the need for a flexible and modern software partner, that the first technical components of Quiddly was born.

Classy, but untraditional

Working with Quiddly is anything else but business as usual. We prefer an untraditional approach to software. It should be as easy as possible for everyone to understand what they’re buying. And what they’re buying should actually be what they’re buying. No uncomfortable surprises.

The secret behind our name

Why the name Quiddly you might ask? It’s actually a mixture and wordplay between the words Liquidity and Quid – slang for the British currency pound. And the two D´s is to hint our Swedish heritage. Many words are spelled with double consonants in our mother tongue. Well, that’s it. Now you’re initiated in the secret behind our name.