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Putting your own fintech platform together should be fun and easy. You shouldn’t be forced to read through a sea of techy acronyms and listen to consultants with checked shirts and too many pencils in their shirt pocket.

Quiddlys concept is simple, but the solutions are advanced. Pick and choose from our presets to lay the foundation for your new adventure. Add additional functionality by choosing from our vast and continuously evolving library of functions.

Trusted technology

Quiddlys technology is white labeled and used by debt collectors, tech companies and financial institutions. Everything is cloud based and built with the latest efficient, flexible and scalable architecture.

We can customize and tailor our solutions for you, but it’s also possible for you to build your own solutions on top of ours.

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Debt Collection

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Invoice Service

Preset Module


Preset Module

Always a helping hand

No matter what solution(s) you buy from Quiddly, onboarding and support is always included. You get a dedicated personal tech concierge, and access to our knowledge platform filled with documentation.

The tech concierge will handle all your questions, and if needed, connect you with the right specialists inside Quiddly.

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