Pick & Mix Fintech Solutions

At Quiddly we develop and license complete cloud based systems for Factoring, Invoicing and Debt Collection. Our concept is simple, but the solutions are advanced.

Pick & Mix from our modules to lay the foundation for your fintech machinery. Add additional functionality by choosing from our vast and continuously evolving library of addons and integrations.

Enjoy quick time to market and the possibility of custom development. Don’t lose, only pay for what you use. It’s that simple!

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Key results for your organization

Our solutions impact the whole organization, all the way from management, to operations and tech. We have specialists inside Quiddly that are used to communicate with these different key functions and maximize the output of our solutions.

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#Management The system scales effortlessly together with our business, and our margins have improved. It’s easy to get a birds eye view and prognosticate revenue.

#Operations Workflows are way smoother and much faster. We get more done with the same amount of people, all while improving overview and control of clients and debtors.

#Tech We are seamlessly integrated with all of our key systems and no longer have isolated data siloses. Uptime and security is great and it’s easy to customize the platform.

On this page you will learn about

Learn about our System Modules

Factoring System Module

The Factoring module from Quiddly comes with a complete solution for buying, distributing, and bookkeeping invoices. Our three portals for Operations, Clients and Debtors are all included.

Everything is built to support large volumes, handle different conditions, and provide detailed insights about clients, invoices and debtors.

Quiddlys factoring module gives your clients control over their cash flow, and financial muscles to invest and grow.

Some popular factoring features

Customizable rates and conditions
Compliance and KYC
Access to capital via partners
With/without Recourse
Profability reports
Multiple Currencies
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Learn more about our Factoring System Module

Three types of Portals

No matter if you choose a module for Factoring, Invoicing or Debt Collection – you will always gain access to three different types of portals that are seamlessly integrated with eachother. The portals connect your Operations Team with their Clients, and in turn their Debtors.

Operations Portal

This portal is part of the back office system where mainly operations work. From here you have complete control and overview of all clients and their users, debtors and invoices in the system.

Operations will enjoy key results such as improved processing times and smoother workflows.

Some popular operations features

Dashboards for summary and overview
Smooth workflows minimizing clicks
Automated invoice imports & bookkeeping
Easy onboarding of clients
Detailed Client accounts
Aggregated debtor views



Quick and smooth launch

Our Pick and Mix Solutions does not only make it easy to create your own solution. It also makes the time to market extremely short, depending on the complexity and level of customization of course.

With the most essential setup, you could have your very own fintech platform up and running within 1-2 weeks. Huzza!

Always a helping hand

We’re here to help. Onboarding and support is always included in your solutions. You also have the option to add extra education.

Once a customer, you get a dedicated personal tech concierge, and access to our knowledge platform filled with documentation. The tech concierge will handle all your questions, and if needed, connect you with the right specialists inside Quiddly.

 Pricing – only pay for what you use

We believe in a transparent and flexible pricing model where you only pay for what you use. We don’t believe in charging high consultancy fees, our support is free.

In this section you will learn about our pricing components and how they could play out in three example scenarios for Small, Medium and Large businesses.

Pricing components


With read and/or write access


One price to get access to our library of integrations


Follows your growth with increased discounts


Per channel, printing addons, SMS etc


Monthly subscription to development hours

Pricing Scenarios


You work with a smaller amount of invoices and your customers often submits them in physical format or via e-mail for manual input. Perhaps you have just started your factoring business and only have one person handling all credits.

We believe the best value for you is our off-the-shelf platform where you pay for the invoices you handle and only a low licence fee.

Price from 2 000 € per month


With a credit operations team of 3 people you handle a larger amount of invoices. Your customers are in the SME segment and wants a full-service invoice provider with the option to finance invoices.

We believe you value a scalable model with reducing prices as you expand. Your clients want access to self-service functionality and transparency.

Price from 12 000 € per month


You handle millions every month and have a large operations team, likely 10+ people. A customized user experience is important to you and you have built your own features on top of the factoring platform.

We believe you value a stable price model with a lower variable share and a dedicated development resource to cater to your developing needs.

Price from 25 000 € per month

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