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Collection Software

Quiddly’s powerful Debt Management & Collections module comes with support for integrations with pre-systems and ERPs.

Automate the process through smart workflows and handle debtors in a modern way through dynamic and tailored collection profiles. Get access to everything you need to make your collections business thrive.

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Dashboard & Custom Reports
Debtor-centric claims management
Dynamic and segmented debt collection
Automated debt collection workflows
Debt management with rich system integrations
Automated Bookkeeping

Smooth collection workflows

The software is built with transparency, simplicity and efficiency top of mind. Everything is cloud-based, easy to scale, and you only pay for what you use. Many collection workflows are automated which will save time for both operators, clients, and debtors.

Optimize the DSO and customer experience with customized debtor profiles that automatically adapt workflows and tailors the process for each debtor.

Three seamlessly integrated Collections portals

The Debt Colletion module from Quiddly comes with our three portals for Operations, Clients and Debtors. The portals connect your Operations Team with their Clients, and in turn their Debtors. Each portal offers a smooth user experience tailored to each user personas specific needs.

White label everything to suit your graphical profile. Give your operations team, clients, and their debtors a superb user experience from day one.

The best about Quiddly’s technology is that it’s really simple to use, yet everything is possible! We’re going to be more efficient and will minimize the tech-stress for our employees. At the same time, we can handle greater amounts of claims and become more competitive. Read more in the case study.

Pernilla Almström
CEO, coeo

Operator collections portal

This is the core back-office system for the operations team at your debt collection business. From this portal your team manage everything related to collections, claims, clients, debtors, payments, payouts and bookeeping.

Client collections portal

The Client portal is the place where your debt collection clients hang out and get a complete overview of all collection errands and their status. The portal can be integrated with the clients ERP in order to fetch and bookkeep the invoices automatically. The portal can also be used for regular invoice distribution and supports factoring.

Debtor collections portal

We always create a digital version of claims sent out from the platform. The digital version can easily be reached through our debtor portal. All received claims are gathered in one central place where the debtor can see their balance, pay directly or via BNPL. Should the debtor have any questions, they can chat with you directly from the claim.

All the techy geeky buzzwords you need

Enough with the sales & marketing lingo. Now it’s time to speak geek. We use Kubernetes clusters for the whole platform. Everything is built to support large volumes and handle different conditions – all with excellent uptime. We handle the infrastructure as code and use Terraform to check the state of the whole platform.

Of course, we’re cloud native and cache as much as possible using Redis instances. Choose between us managing the hosting or host the platform in your own cloud.

With our open REST API it’s easy to build your own custom services upon our platform. Everything is well documented and we’re constantly developing our platform with weekly updates.

Kubernetes clusters
Infrastructure as code
Redis instances

Safety features

Security plays a vital role in all software platforms. We use Cloudflare to mitigate attacks. And we don’t store any user credentials, it’s all handled via Auth0. The whole platform is also built with privacy by default and privacy by design top of mind.

Multi-factor auth.
Encryption of data
Privacy by default
Hosted in the EU
GDPR compliant

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