How coeo, one of Europe’s largest debt collection companies, works with customer-centric tech

The German debt collection company coeo entered the Swedish market in late 2022 together with Quiddly as their tech-innovator. Coeo are active in seven countries, have 600 employees and 193 million euros in revenue.

Quiddlys mission has been to build a modern and dynamic debt collection machinery for coeo. The solution is centred around the needs and challenges of the debtor as well as the administrator.

We’re meeting up with coeo Swedens CEO Pernilla Almström to talk about our collaboration and how they work with customer-centric tech-driven debt collection.

Pernilla Almström, CEO, coeo Sweden

We were not only looking for a tech supplier, but for an innovative tech partner that understood our needs and reality. We wanted to create the optimal conditions for designing a great debt collection system that makes us better as both employers and suppliers, says Pernilla Almström, CEO @ coeo Sweden.

The vision of customer-centric instead of workflow-centric debt collection

Jakob Carlbring, CEO, Quiddly

It’s really nice working with a company that similarly to us is strongly driven by technological innovation in combination with a focus on the user. We’ve gotten a lot of inspiration working together with coeo, says Jakob Carlbring, CEO @ Quiddly.

The main goal for coeos business is to restore lasting balance to customer relationships – as quickly as possible. They see themselves as a true challenger in the debt collection industry, being data-driven and working closely with their customers and their debtors.

We believe in combining the power of deep experience with smart tech to deliver a customer-centric debt collection. Success factors are efficient process automation combined with self-service and a tailored user experience for the customer, says Pernilla.

The result of teaming up with Quiddly as tech-innovator

The task force from both companies consists of a broad mix of different experiences and specialities. You’ll find CEOs, Board Advisors and Business Developers mixed up with Head of Design, Customer Success Managers, Claims Administrators, Project Managers, System Architects and Developers.

We’re very satisfied with the collaboration and have been working close together. Everyone’s extremely driven and solution-oriented. The best thing about Quiddly is that they’re attentive, trustworthy, and professional. It’s a highly skilled team, says Pernilla.

Erik Lövquist, Head of Design, Quiddly

We’ve designed several new assets using a customer-centric design approach. It will drive change in the debt collection industry by focusing on interactions that starts from the needs and challenges of the debtor. Using the same approach, we’ve also created a new and modern system for coeo’s customer service in Sweden.

The mission for Quiddly has been to assist with building a modern, dynamic, and scalable debt collection machinery tailored for the Swedish market.

The best about Quiddlys technology is that it’s really simple to use, yet everything is possible! We’re going to be more efficient and will minimize the tech-stress for our employees. At the same time, we can handle greater amounts of claims and become more competitive, says Pernilla.

Assemble your own Debt Collection platform

At Quiddly we develop and license complete cloud based systems for Factoring, Invoicing and Debt Collection. Our concept is simple, but the solutions are advanced.

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