Quiddly is growing and looking for 6 new team members!

We’re experiencing an increased demand for our products and services on both the Swedish and international markets. To meet the demand, we are now staffing up with six new Quiddlers in our product team. We’re looking for 3 software engineers, 1 Technical Product Owner and 1 QA Engineer.

Jakob Carlbring, CEO @Quiddly

We’re noticing that many companies are ready to make the transition from their old legacy system into the new and more flexible cloud-native world that we represent. What once was regarded as something progressive and for early adopters, is now being perceived as a must-have among companies. In order to thrive and expand you need a modern, flexible and scalable system that is easily integrated with other key systems, says Jakob Carlbring, CEO @Quiddly.

Curious in joining our squad of Geeky Rebels?

Things are moving fast in the world of Quiddly. We’re going to release the job descriptions and applications soon at our career site. However, if you’re extra curious (which we dig), you can do an early bird application for the positions by filling out the form. Help us spread the word in your network so that we can grow our squad of Geeky Rebels.

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More information about the positions

QA Engineer @Quiddly

QA engineers responsibilities at Quiddly include designing and implementing tests, debugging, and defining corrective actions. They review system requirements and track quality assurance metrics (e.g. defect densities and open defect counts.). QA Engineer also take an active role in the 2:nd line support team to help customers, investigate bugs and escalate them to the dev. team.

Technical product owner (TPO) @Quiddly

The technical product owners at Quiddly are responsible for managing the development of new products and features. Technical product owners are subject-matter experts who use their technical knowledge to bridge the gap between product and technical aspects of product development. They collaborate closely with designers, developers, and other stakeholders to make their ideas a reality.

Backend Python Developer @Quiddly

Backend developers at Quiddly build the web-based platform for financial service providers. They implement APIs, business logic and integrations with an emphasis on security and quality. The team reviews each other’s code and is also responsible for identifying and fixing bugs. Developers are responsible for delivering on the product roadmap and maintaining the product quality.

Fintech Dream Machines
– Revolutionizing the industry

At Quiddly we develop and license complete cloud-native systems for Factoring, Invoicing and Debt Collection. You’ll find banks, factoring companies and debt collection agencies among our customers.

Working with Quiddly is anything else but business as usual. We prefer an untraditional approach to software. It should be as easy as possible for everyone to understand what they’re buying. And what they’re buying should actually be what they’re buying. No uncomfortable surprises.

Mattias Oscarsson, CTO @Quiddly

It’s a truly exciting and inspiring tech stack we’ve got. We use Kubernetes Clusters for the platforms and handle all infrastructure as code. We use Terraform to check the state of the whole platform. And last but definitely not least: We have an amazing diverse team of geeky rebels eager to leave their mark on the dream machines, says Mattias Oscarsson, CTO @Quiddly.

Our vision is to help society achieve transactional transcendence – a state where everything is happening instantly, flawlessly without any risk, in a fair and transparent manner. The path towards achieving our vision is paved by engineering and developing what we call Fintech Dream Machines.

Each of our business areas have their own Dream Machine that will help them automate and optimize their back office operations as well as their clients workflows.

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