Sneak Peek: Debt Collection Errands View for Admins

We strongly believe in simplifying workflows for administrators and combining it with a customer-centric approach. They might be buzzwords, but to us they actually mean something. We recently released our newly designed collection errands view in our Debt Collection Module.

This is a fine example of how we’ve focused on creating a clear overview for the administrator. The overview summarizes the most important aspects of the collection errand and minimize the need for jumping between different systems and tabs. Additional information is only a click away.

From the errand view the administrator also have access to a set of actions like Part payment plans, Charges and Settlement orders. We’ve also added a tasks and notes area, helping the administrator keep track of both historic and upcoming actions.

Everything we’re developing is part of our goal to build the optimal 🌟 Collection Dream Machine – a system built with the real world and collection companies actual needs as a blueprint. But then again, since we are fintech rebels, we can’t resist to sprinkle a bit of Quiddly magic on top of it. We don’t just aim to make your process better; we aim to make it extraordinary!

Stay tuned for more information and feature releases for the 🌟 Collection Dream Machine.

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