Sneak Peek: Debt Collection Errands View for Debtors

It’s time for another appreciated sneak peek from what we’re developing at Quiddly. This time we’re giving you a glimpse of our updated collection errands view for Debtors.

As part of our customer-centric approach we’re always trying to minimize friction and potential uncertainties. For debtors this can for instance be seen through our clean UX and payment options directly from the portal.

Our Debtor portal is available as an add-on for our debt collection module. Every debtor that receives a claim also gain access to our debtor portal. Here they will find a short summary of all open and closed errands. The debtor can drill down to a specific errand for more details. From this view, they can also perform payments or request a part payment plan.

Everything we’re developing is part of our goal to build the optimal 🌟 Collection Dream Machine – a system built with the real world and collection companies actual needs as a blueprint. But then again, since we are fintech rebels, we can’t resist to sprinkle a bit of Quiddly magic on top of it. We don’t just aim to make your process better; we aim to make it extraordinary!

Stay tuned for more information and feature releases for the 🌟 Collection Dream Machine.

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