Summary of new Factoring Features from Quiddly Q1+Q2 2023

Q1+Q2 2023 was a busy period with lots of new factoring features added to our platforms. We’ve put together a short summary highlighting our biggest releases for our factoring module so far for 2023.

Everything we’re developing is part of our goal to build the optimal 🌟 Factoring Dream Machine – a system built with the real world and factoring companies actual needs as a blueprint.

The Factoring Decision Workflow

From the smooth kanban-view you work with the factoring process on three different levels: Client, Debtor and Invoice level. Advance invoices in bulk on both debtor and client level and speed up the process for your operators.

Risk Overview

This project is closely tied to our previously described Factoring Decision Workflow and it gives you a clear overview of internal and external credit and financial data tied to clients, debtors and invoices.

Delivery Confirmations

Surprise surprise, delivery confirmations can also be reached from the Factoring Decision Workflow. Send delivery confirmation emails directly from the system with the push of a button. Get notifications when the email is opened and when the invoice is verified.

Assemble your own Factoring platform

Quiddlys powerful factoring management module comes with prebuilt integrations to ERP systems and capital partners.

Automate the whole process of fetching, buying/approving, distributing, reminding, collecting and bookkeeping invoices. Get access to everything you need to make your factoring business thrive.

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