Why settle for second best? Norra Finans has chosen Quiddly’s Factoring Software.

Johanna Salmi, Marketing Manager, Norra Finans

Norra Finans has chosen Quiddly as their new provider for their Factoring Management System. In this article, we meet Johanna Salmi, Marketing Manager at Norra Finans, to learn more about the project, platform, partnership, and the future.

Johanna has been with the company since 2021. Aside from all the responsibilities that come with her title, she’s also engaged in promoting and expanding cooperation between the Swedish and Finnish branches. She has extensive experience working in both countries.

In Norra Finans’ branding and positioning efforts, they always strive for a coherent image across all channels. To achieve this, it’s especially important that all departments and internal processes align with the brand experience and the core values of fast, simple, and flexible. The Factoring Management System plays a vital role in this, as it impacts both the client and debtor experience.

Uncomplicated Financing

Norra Finans was founded in 2015 in the northern Swedish city of Haparanda, where their headquarters are situated. They also have offices in Stockholm, Luleå, Vasa, and Helsinki (Finland). The company finances approximately 1 billion SEK per month.

At the core of Norra Finans’ business is one word: Simplicity. Both small and large corporations often have difficulty being heard regarding their financing needs. This is something Norra Finans addresses with their services.

Norra Finans are entrepreneurially driven and develop new financing solutions in sync with market needs. Their portfolio primarily consists of factoring, debt collection, and credits.

Why did Norra Finans choose Quiddly?

Quiddly introduced their Factoring Management System and the roadmap to Norra Finans back in 2021 and has since worked with a goal-focused approach to create a fully fledged system suitable not only for early adopters but also for more established and larger factoring providers.

Besides having experienced and competent experts, Quiddly also shares our vision and hunger for evolving and improving factoring software. Fast and smooth workflows make life easier not only for us and our operators but also for our customers. Why settle for second best when you can develop something amazing together?

Johanna Salmi, Marketing Manager, Norra Finans

Collaboration and Project Dynamics

It’s no coincidence that we refer to our clients as partners. Nothing is done in isolation; it’s always a collaborative process characterized by an agile mindset and frequent follow-ups.

The cooperation has been excellent. Both companies share a drive to continually evolve and improve both systems and processes. We especially appreciate Quiddly’s ability to see opportunities instead of problems.
Johanna Salmi, Marketing Manager, Norra Finans

The task force on Quiddly’s side always consists of a mix of different specialists, ensuring we can cater to all interests on the partners’ side.

Martin Kato, Senior Customer Success Manager Quiddly

It’s no secret that the way we design our task forces for projects is greatly appreciated. We always bring technical specialists, project managers, and business developers to the table. Depending on the nature of the meetings, the task force is adapted to maintain maximum efficiency.
Martin Kato, Senior Customer Success Manager Quiddly

About the solution

Norra Finans is using the Quiddly core combined with our factoring module. Portal-wise, they are using all three, one for each user group: Operators, Factoring Clients, and Debtors. The portals are seamlessly integrated, connecting the Operations Team with their Clients and, in turn, their Debtors.

By implementing Quiddly’s modern operator, client, and debtor user interfaces, we can create smoother and more efficient processes for everyone involved. The system and portals open up exciting opportunities and cement us as a leading factoring company. It enables us to develop services that weren’t possible with our old platform.
Johanna Salmi, Marketing Manager, Norra Finans

We’ve built several custom integrations for Norra Finans, mainly for two types of systems: client invoice distribution and ERPs, and insurance. For ERPs and invoice fetching, we’ve integrated with Procountor, Inexchange, and Koivuniemi. For credit insurance, we’ve integrated with Atradius.

Norra Finans has also been a driving force and sparring partner in the development of our new rule engine and factoring decision workflow. The Factoring Decision Workflow (FDW) enables Drag and Drop Factoring, to bulk-edit and advance a batch of invoices to the next step in your factoring process. You can manage the factoring process on three different levels: invoice, debtor, and client level. The rule engine can be customized and set up with various conditions that, for instance, govern and direct how different invoices move through the factoring decision workflow.

Expected results from the collaboration

There were many reasons why Norra Finans chose Quiddly. At the core are the possibilities that Quiddly’s platform enables, which surpass those of their former platform. They now have a more flexible solution, can integrate with other services with ease, and develop new functionalities on top of it.

Norra Finans is always striving to offer solutions that are as simple and effective as possible for everyone involved. With Quiddly’s three portals, they can create even more efficient cooperation between their clients and debtors.

Our ambitious goal is to double our revenue from today’s levels within the coming years. By achieving this, we would cement our strive for positioning us as industry leaders. And we’re confident that Quiddly’s modern platform will open up new opportunities to continue delivering innovative services and features.
Johanna Salmi, Marketing Manager, Norra Finans


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