Sneak Peek: Factoring Delivery Confirmations with BankID

Recognize this?

Factoring company to debtor: 💬 Hey Warren, have you received the delivery confirmation email from Elisa yet?

Then wow do we got exciting news for you. Our development team are currently writing the last lines of code for our new Delivery Confirmations Functionality (📯 DCF) in our Factoring Module.

With the 📯 DCF, everything is handled from within our factoring management system with full transparency and accountability. Send delivery confirmation emails directly from the system with the push of a button. Get notifications when the email is opened and when the invoice is verified. Everything is automatically saved to the debtor record in the system.

You can set the level of verification for each errand. Choose between verification with a trackable click on a link or demand identification through BankID. When the debtor has verified the invoice, they’re sent an email with a copy of the verification. Smooth for all parties 😎

Everything we’re developing is part of our goal to build the optimal 🌟 Factoring Dream Machine – a system built with the real world and factoring companies actual needs as a blueprint. But then again, since we are fintech rebels, we can’t resist to sprinkle a bit of Quiddly magic on top of it. We don’t just aim to make your process better; we aim to make it extraordinary!

Stay tuned for more information and feature releases for the 🌟 Factoring Dream Machine.

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